Love it or loathe it, outsourcing your inbound calls really works and works well. We work with a number of dealers with our dedicated inbound call centre, providing partial or full support for all inbound calls. We are able to separate calls from Service, Parts, Sales or any other department and act accordingly. Sometimes, that will be message taking and other times it is the full booking procedure using your DMS. All of this is possible.

What is important to every business is that the first point of contact your customer has with you has a lasting impression. When you are not available to answer the call within a reasonable amount of time, this sends a message to your customer or potential customer without having spoken a word. Allow us to manage this process for you. Once again, we will mould our service to meet your needs and ensure that your customer's first and last impression are that of a professional business.

Advertising campaigns

Expecting more calls than normal

Whether it is an advertisement or a campaign which drives up your incoming calls you will be able to handle them with ease. We will take the percentage of calls you require: 50% 75% 100% it doesn't matter. Our team will answer each call and your customers will just receive great service. Furthermore, you won't have to train extra staff for these calls.

Back up reception calls

Never miss a call again

Customers hang up when they don't get a prompt answer and when they are faced with either and answer phone or a recorded message. With On Target your customers will be met with none of these. By having us as a backup, Your calls will automatically transfer to us after 3 rings where they will be answered professionally and swiftly, leaving you with peace of mind that no call will ever be missed again.

Permanent call handling

As good as it gets

Why worry about recruiting the right front of house staff to answer your calls when we can manage them for you. You can outsource all of your calls to us, whether that is pure reception requirements or you need us to make bookings, confirm appointments or anything else. We can integrate with your systems and ensure that we operate as a stand alone outsourced facility that operates as if we are on site all of the time.

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