When outsourcing calls your call profile will change for the better, we have seen in many cases that when calls are outsourced productivity increases and costs fall. Over the years we have replaced many in-house call centres for our clients, some large groups and others where they had a caller on-site. We believe that our service will enhance the customer experience from your business, which we are confident would mirror similar case studies from other businesses we support.

Almost 4 years ago a group, based in the Midlands, came to us. They had a call centre of 15 agents and were struggling with CSI scores, calling all their data and booking conversions as well as handling their large incoming call numbers. We took over the contract with 9 members of staff and they now get a consistent flow of 80% CSI completion, over 420 bookings per week and between 85-90% contact conversions for all outbound data.

At first we took over their outbound facility, pulling their performance off the floor to a very high standard. Once we had achieved this we then received their inbound calls as they were concerned that they were dropping too many. Since we took over we maintain a 98-100% inbound call capture, meaning that they do not lose customers any more for the wrong reasons. For all new customers we are targeted for all data capture, email addresses and phone numbers, we maintain an average on this of between 75-80%.

This group are very happy with our service and we are happy to do business with them. We have an open line of communication at all levels of the company, from the Service Advisors in branch to the Group Aftersales Manager and Managing Director. We find that this is key to build the relationships with our clients so that everything is a two way street. On top of our SLA with them, they do come to us for Sales and Service Campaigns each year to make sure their customers are aware of upcoming events and deals. We are here to accommodate any need they have, and we carry this out within the time-frame provided to exactly their specification.

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